CleanClips Hair Trimmer

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Immortal retro style coupled with surgical precision for an unsurpassable trimming experience.

Because perfect grooming is easier said than done, having a reliable trimmer is essential if you plan on getting the results you want.

Whether you’ve had enough of imprecise, hair-pulling trimmers that ruin your patiently-grown beard and hair, or you think it’s about time to get a premium, tastefully designed trimmer that you can be proud of, this retro grooming essential will take your grooming routine to the next level.

👊 Steady-Handed Grooming

With a tastefully decorated round cylinder handle and a vibration suppression mechanism, CleanClips produces minimum noise and turbulence, enabling you to effortlessly nail even the trickiest of grooming styles.

✔️ 4 Essential Extensions

CleanClips features a smooth, zero-distance head that follows the scalp gently for perfect trimming without the risk of injury. Addition of 1-4 mm guide combs and a cleaning brush.

🌊 Waterproof, Cordless, USB-Charged

Straightforward: 120 minutes charging time, 120 minutes runtime. Instead of tripping over the cable or letting it compromise your precision, enjoy unconstrained trimming with unlimited maneuverability.

Features Summary:

  • Metal cylinder handle with a non-slip finish
  • 1 - 4 mm guide comb extensions
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charging: 120 Minutes
  • Continuous Runtime: 120 Minutes
  • Available in Black or Gold
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CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer
CleanClips Hair Trimmer