HyperPop™ Laser Therapy Watch

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Clinically Proven To:

 Normalize Blood Pressure

 Improve blood circulation

 lower blood sugar & blood lipids

 improve blood gas

 ⭐️ 5,000+ five-star reviews ⭐️

Normalize Blood Pressure

Infrared laser therapy has been clinically shown to normalize blood pressure among patients undergoing regular treatment. This provides promise to a true, holistic approach to keep your numbers in check.

Regulate Blood Sugar

The HyperPop Laser Therapy Watch's multi-pronged treatment helps regulate blood sugar levels in patients with unstable blood sugar or type 2 diabetes.

Lower Blood Lipids

Patients saw an reduction in blood lipid volume after just 4 weeks of use! Reducing blood lipids is a key preventative measure in reducing risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

WorldWide Shipping

Our HyperPop™Laser Therapy Watch ships to all customers worldwide.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your HyperPop™ arrives damaged of defective, we offer a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarentee.

Clinical Efficacy

Our HyperPop™ Laser Therapy Watch has been clinically tested.

HyperPop™ Laser Therapy Watch
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Are you diagnosed with high blood pressure? Whether it may show no symptoms, high blood pressure still is a severe problem. If you don't take control of your blood pressure, it can be detrimental to your long-term health and quality of life.

The HyperPop™ Laser Therapy Watch can be a simple, pain-free way to improve blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, help normalize blood sugar, and boost nitric oxide levels. Our laser therapy watch may help increase venous nitric oxide levels, increase oxygen-carrying capacity, decrease blood viscosity, reduce blood lipids, reduce blood pressure, and stabilize blood sugar. Our included nasal plugs increase microcirculation in the brain for enhanced blood flow.

This product is NOT intended to treat or cure hypertension or any related condition. This product is also NOT intended to be a replacement for any medication you may use. Please never discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor.

⭐️5,000+ Five-Star Reviews⭐️

Real Results, Real Clinical Benefits

Our HyperPop Laser Therapy Watches utilizes red light therapy that helps normalize high blood pressure, dreacrease clottage, and help rid arterial plaques. Perfect for heart attack patients, individuals with hypertension, or anyone looking to mitigate the daily stressors that lead to cardiovascular problems.

"My blood pressure numbers reduced significantly! From 186/93 to 132/72 in a span of just 4 weeks. If you're on the fence, give this product a try and see how it could help you and your health!"

-Joann Newman

At Home Infrared Therapy Therapy

Our HyperPop Laser Therapy Watches utilizes 3A laser therapy, a low-intensity laser with a wavelength of 650nm for more effective treatment in less time. Wavelength matters when it comes to laser therapy and getting the results that you want.

Improve hemodynamic metabolism, regulate blood lipids and blood sugar through photochemical effects, improve oxygen transport capacity, and decrease blood cell coagulation. Great for conditions of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Infrared therapy is just one of the many features of the HyperPop Laser Therapy Watch. Stimulate nasal nerves and improve microcirculationin the brain and olfactory sensors with the included nasal plug treatment.



Can this replace my current medication?

This product is NOT intended to replace any current medication. We do not advise or promote stopping your medication under any circumstances, unless consulted by your doctor. Please consult with your doctor regarding any medication you currently take.

How do I use the watch?

Firstly, wear only for left hand. The device’s back part correspond with the radial artery.

When using nasal cavity laser probe, stick the nasal cavity head into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum. Using way of ear cavity laser probe is the same as wearing common earphone.

Press on/off key to turn on the device. You will see the LCD screen is on, only mode A is activated. Press Mode key to choose Red/Blue or both modes for laser therapeutic instrument.

Insert the nasal or ear or pain relief pad probes line into the socket, mode B is also activated. Press on/off key one second to start the treatment (notice: long press of the on/off key will shut down the instrument), you can see the laser coming out from the phototherapy instrument probe during the treatment.

After the treatment is finished, long press on/off key to shut down the instrument. Store in a safe place after cleaning (gently wipe by tissue) the therapy head.

How do I find my radial artery?

Use two fingers of your right hand to position the outside of the left hand’s first wrist line. Then, use the instrument back part of the Radial Artery laser acupoint correspond with the hand’s Radial Artery to wear the instrument on your left hand.

Will I feel any pain or discomfort using this product?

This is a 100% PAIN FREE treatment! You will hardly feel any pain, harshness or other discomfort; however, since light luminance coming out of the therapy head is fairly high, please do not bring out the phototherapy head and directly observe the light with your eyes. It is best to close your eyes during the treatment.

What's in the box?

1x HyperPop™ Laser Therapy Watch

1x Charging wire

1x Charging adapter

1x Instruction book

1x Nasal therapeutic line

How long does this product take to ship?

Because of delayed shipping times due to the current pandemic, coupled with our high order volume, please allow up to 6 weeks for international shipping. Standard shipping times are 2-3 weeks.