The Moon Lamp

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ūü™ź Turn your room into a PLANETARIUM! Intergalactic travel is now right at your fingertips with Pop Concept‚Äôs¬†original¬†Moon Lamp!

The perfect nightlight for kids, or the perfect centerpiece to illuminate your home and leave guests in awe.

ūüĆē¬†¬†A Detailed 3D Moon Surface

Covered with dead volcanoes, impact craters, and lava flows, the moon surface is clearly visible to the naked eyes of fellow stargazers. This exact replica has the exact matched details just like the actual Earth’s companion.

Astronomers and space-lovers, just like the real moon, you can now experience what it's like to be a space traveler!

ūüĆĒ¬†¬†Adjustable Colors To Create Your Own Ambiance

Recreate solar and lunar eclipses with 16 color variations to choose from! Even create beautiful vibrant eclipse colors that you've never seen before with remote control color selection!


‚úąÔłŹ Shipping: Due to the current pandemic, shipping times will be 4-13 days for US residents and 2-3 weeks for international space-lovers

ÔĽŅ**Keep in mind, this product is an original Pop Concept¬†exclusive not found in stores. Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs, we are one of the few authentic manufacturers and distributors of the Moon Lamp**

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The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp
The Moon Lamp

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